Welcome to The Alfred Olango Foundation Website


Welcome to The Alfred Olango Foundation's official website.

Our short term goal for this website is to raise needed funds for TAOF. Long term we intend to have this website be a place where people of all races, nationalities and faith can come together and unite on an issue that has directly or indirectly affected too many families. A place where your donations can directly fund what some oppose and may even call impossible, a place to connect and network. We intend to keep everyone informed on the direction and steps we take on our safari, while being closely guided by our vision and mission statement. A place where Olango family and friends can visit all around the world and know that they are not alone. A place that will serve as a constant reminder that the unarmed shootings, killings and methods of justification currently being practiced in America are a tactical violation of civil and human rights. A place that gives you hope, allows you to engage, fight the good fight and be the change you seek.

I thank you on behalf of my family members

Peace and many blessings


Apollo K. Olango

We want to welcome you to our new website and thank you for your interest and support in our efforts. The Alfred Olango Foundation was started after the wrongful murder of Alfred Olango, in order to change the system as we currently know it and prevent situations like this from reoccurring time and time again. Police departments and law enforcement personnel need additional training to be able to respond to calls appropriately and effectively, without escalating situations to a level that is unnecessary and dangerous for all involved. In addition, law enforcement personnel, need to be held accountable for their actions and not protected under their job positions. Police are suppose to be there to protect and to serve, but too often we are finding innocent victims being senselessly murdered. We must be the change we seek. This is what we will be working towards and we ask you to help us in this fight. It won't be easy, it will be a long road, but we will persevere and press on to see that justice prevails and lives are saved.

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