Police (Training)

  • Ex-combat military trained personnel to receive special training programs that focus on de-escalation techniques and preservation of life.                                            

  • Programs that require police precincts to have a predetermined percent of specially trained field officers that favorably reflect the community’s population it serves, and for the officers to be properly trained to deal with those who suffer from long term mental illness or persons experiencing temporary mental distress.


Police (Procedural Solutions)

  • Citizens Review Board- a specialty group of community members, independently, professionally and unbiasedly staffed to provide independent reviews in cases where there has been reports of excessive force.                                                            

  • They investigate, review and provide community perspective.                                      

  • They are to reach informed conclusions regarding individual cases which shall then be brought to attention before any disciplinary action can be determined for an officer.


Vision Domestic


  • Self sustainable community program, brings together communities and provides orientation for resettled immigrants on legal and societal issues that could directly effect their progress in the United States of America.                                                     

  • Basic skills. like one’s rights when pulled over, how to conduct one’s self if ever accused of a crime, who to contact. One’s civil and human rights in America.             

  • How to motivate and educate and mentor the young community members to become productive members of their communities through sports, visual and performing arts programs.



Vision International

  • International accountability, US is responsible for all UN citizens living as resettled refugees, their civil and human rights can not be encroached upon and or denied.   

  • Killing of Alfred and the justification process used to clear Officer Gonzalvez was a direct violation of Alfred’s human rights.                                                                              

  • Meaning, that with every unarmed shooting taking place and that has taken place, that has been resolved or will be resolved through the United States current, systematic, legal approach and deemed justified by law enforcement supported District Attorneys have been potentially a breach of United Nations human right laws. Law Enforcement in America must be held accountable for their criminal actions. As a nation America must lead by example and govern its citizens in a manner that best displays the true meaning of its creed.                                               

  • We intend to tactfully press for reform on all levels with our research projects and programs.